Hyechka Club of Tulsa

Sabbatical Season


Hyechka is extending its sabbatical.

The executive board and program committee of Hyechka Club of Tulsa announce that Hyechka will remain on sabbatical from musicales because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The health and safety of Hyechka performers and audience members are the main priority during this unprecedented and uncertain situation in our country.  Hyechka’s musicales will resume when public health conditions have improved.

Hyechka’s scholarship auditions for high school and collegiate musicians will continue during this academic year.

Please watch the Hyechka website for updates on musicales and for announcement of scholarship auditions.


Hyechka Club executive board
Pope Kingsley, president             Carleton James, treasurer
Nancy Henry, vice president Hazel Rowena Mills, program chairman
Patricia Duncan, vice president Karen Finley Gingrich, membership chairman
Tracy Henry Crow, hostess chairman


Hyechka Club program committee
Hazel Rowena Mills, chairman
Holly Breese Cinocca              Beth Herrington
Karen Finley Gingrich Sarah Breese McCoy
Amanda Hardy            Brady McElligott



Hyechka Club of Tulsa announces
The 2022 Hyechka High School and Collegiate Competition

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Must be received by March 16, 2022

Meinig Recital Hall
Lorton Performance Center
The University of Tulsa
550 South Gary Place, Tulsa, OK

Link to 2022 Hyechka Scholarship Packet for download

For questions and additional information, contact the Hyechka Scholarship Chairperson at Scholarships@hyechka.org

For additional information on the 2022 Hyechka High School and Collegiate Competition, visit the Scholarships page.

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